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Our mission is to make it easier for people to plan, cook, and enjoy meals!

AI-generated Recipes

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Let's empower people to feed themselves and their families with ease!

About Our Development Team Andrew Neidley Tim Carey

We LOVE what we do!

Andrew Neidley and Tim Carey first met working together in 2022.

Since then, we have honed our coding chops on real-world problems, fixed hundreds of bugs, learned the tools to move fast, and write reliable code that works, runs fast, and is beautiful.

Unfortunately for the vast majority of junior developers, finding work is an uphill battle.

So we decided to roll up our sleeves, chart our own path, and work for ourselves!

Every day, we iterate on this labor of love. Know that we will strive to deliver solutions that make your user experiences (and cooking experience) a joy!

Our Beloved Bruno

Bruno loved nothing more than to be by Rachel's side in the kitchen.

We like to think he wanted to lend a paw to help her out...if only he could.

The heart of is inspired by Bruno's spirit

– turning curiousity and desire to cook good food into action

Anyone can cook, and we're here to help you on your culinary journey!

Bruno the Bulldog
Bruno the Bulldog